Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kamu, Banana Split-ku

Kamu seperti banana split
Senyummu manis, mirip es krim strawberry,
Celotehanmu lucu, seperti perpaduan rasa vanilla dan chocolate yang meluncur di tenggorokanku,
Dan pelukanmu dengan ajaibnya sanggup menyegarkanku setelah seharian berkutat dengan gilanya dunia, seperti banana split..

Kata orang, makan es krim akan membuatku gendut
Mereka keliru

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kutipan Menyentil Hati

beberapa kutipan favorit yang gue ambil dari beberapa blog atau tumblr. check them out...

"To all you single girls, it's okay to be single. Do not fret, but instead, be thankful that Allah actually picked to protect YOU from the petty sins that we might do with boys (Flirt, holding hands etc). Your moment will soon arrive before you know it. =) And to you girls that already are in a relationship, do remember that you are also lucky to be having an another half to whom you wanna share your life with, I just hope you guys will ponder and change the way you and your partner’s way in a relationship. Remember, a blessed relationship begins with a clean plate. Imagine you're about to attend a buffet dinner, and there's this long line of delicious foods that awaits you. But then you go and pick a dirty plate for you to enjoy your entire meal.